Tubular tyre for dry and hard pack surfaces

Specially designed low profile knobs make the ride dynamic, fast and light at the same time. The knobs layout will perfectly holds you either on pavement or dirt and will not let you down while cornering. Advanced and technically skilled riders can use this tyre in rougher terrain conditions.

Available Colors

XC6 (Tyres Overview)

Model TypeSizeWeightPreassureTPI CountUse Colours
XC6 29" SP Tubular 29×2.20" 610 g max. 3 bar (45 p.s.i.) 210 / 375 Mtb
XC6 27.5" SP Tubular 27.5×2.20" 580 g max. 3 bar (45 p.s.i.) 210 / 375 Mtb