Used by majority of competitive cyclists. Tubular tyre is the lightest one from all the tyre types and has the lowest rolling resistance. For a ride with feeling of lightness and great acceleration in critical moments.

Possibility to use a higher inflation pressure compare to clincher type tyres

In case of fast deflation is the rider's stability and safety not affected as much as in case of clincher tyres

Can be ridden flat in case of emergency

Necessity to glue the tyre to the rim

The puncture repairs are easy in combination Tufo tubular - Tufo sealant



produced either with rubber compound of activated silica, silica or carbon black (specified for each model).

Protective rubber ply

located underneath the tread, indicates also tyre wear and higher possibility of punctures when showing through the tread (only in specified models).

Puncture proof ply

made of rubber cord composite strengthened with CRCA.

The carcass

plies are overlapped and joined underneath the thread, creating increased TPI (threads per inch) value and better tyre puncture resistance.

The carcass

consists of two layers of rubber cord composite with reverse bearing cord orientation in each layer, joined and strengthened with CRCA. The carcass TPI varies from 60 to 210 for different tyre models.

Inside airtight layer

is made of a special butyl-rubber compound. Very low air permeability of this layer means long intervals between tyre inflations. Solid bond between the airtight layer and the tyre carcass means lower rolling resistance.

The base tape

is made of cotton. It absorbs the glue evenly, resulting in optimal bond between the rim and the tyre.


We have developed special two sided tubular gluing tape for installing our tubulars on carbon or aluminium alloy rim. This tape is very different from all the similar products on the market. It has never been easier and faster to glue a tubular tyre. No waiting time for glue to dry, activated surface of the gluing tape facilitates perfect adhesion of a tubular to a rim after a few meters of riding. No messy glue on rims, tubulars or hands, no harmful vapors. Removable red backing strip makes centering of a tubular very easy.

Three stepped off layers of the gluing tape with active surface make perfect transition between the rim and tubular profiles.

Thin transparent layer for perfect adhesion to carbon and aluminium alloy rims.